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when a school bus passes with people from another school


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ah yes, fall, the season of pumpkin spice lattes and infinite plum lipstick beauty tutorials on youtube 

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Anonymous said:
Evens? (:

Evens? Oh fuck.

2. Your Past Relationship:

It was on-again-off-again kinda. We fell out, fell back in. She went to the army, we disconnected, then we disconnected for good.

4.Your Best Friend:

I don’t know anymore. Suzi Green at the moment.

6. Your Parents:

Beer enthusiasts with a taste for the crass and in-your-face. Nascar fans, as well as football fans. Had problems, but worked through them. Still together. They’re still a bit young.

8. Your Pets:

4 pure-bred blue nose pits. Destructive. Needy. Silly. Love to eat ice.

10. Day Dreams:

Absurd scenarios that would never happen in real life, thinking about the future, sticking my feet in the past occasionally. 

12. Eating Habits:

"I should eat this, but I really wanna eat that." and sometimes it’s "Fuck it"

14. Hopes:

Be a filmmaker, do what I love doing and get paid to do it. A nice apartment, enough money to be comfortable, and a miniature bull terrier.

16. Confidence:

Comes and goes

18. Greatest Adventure:

Going to Florida? I’m pretty dull.

20. Emotions:

They come and go, have been withdrawn for a while. Trying really hard to reconnect with them and actually be a person.

22. Physical Ills:

Asthma. My left hip has been acting up all day. My knee aches a lot during fall/winter. Allergic to filthy cats.

24. Ears:


26. answered

28. Music:

Not gonna lie, it’s pretty great. It’s all over the place.

30. Philosophies:

Don’t take it too seriously.


Music, cinema, nice clothes, nice places, cold weather, sex, coffee, books, weed, beer, trivia, friends, theater, doodling, and the oxford comma

34. doesn’t exist

36. Turn-offs:

making me feel obligated to be there constantly, no sense of humor, bad treatment of others

38. Last sexual experience:

increasing the humidity in the room downstairs

40. Favorite games:

Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Dino Crisis 2, Galaga, Ratchet and Clank, Bioshock, Dead Space, Valve games, Hotline Miami, Katamari Damacy

42. Favorite Play:

I haven’t seen enough to answer this, but I really like Noel Coward’s work

44. My Quirks:

I joke a lot, I know a lot about music and movies, I always wake up early, and I’m naturally warm. I sing in the car because fuck it, I talk to myself when I’m really busy

46. Depression

It’s there, I think. There’s a part of me that always sees the gloomy side, but I’m trying to push him aside.

48. Role Model:

Damon Albarn, Leigh Whannell, Neil Gaiman, David Sedaris, Augusten Burroughs, Kathleen Hannah

50. Clothes:

Old and too big on me

Sep 28 @ 3:29 AM
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Anonymous said:
17. 26. 37

17. Your Anxieties

I get anxiety about my body, I get anxiety about the way I walk, I start over thinking and kind of fall into a minor downward spiral. I get anxiety with large crowds, mostly during concerts. I get anxiety when I’m around younger high school kids because for some reason I always feel like I’m going to get into a fight with them. I get minor anxiety about the way I speak and under enunciate my words. I get anxiety when I stay at people’s houses at times, I don’t know what’s considered taboo for a guest to do, I don’t know the things I should say so I always play the extremely polite role of “The Kid Who’s Overly Thankful For Being Allowed To Sit Down”. I get anxiety about my future because I assume the worst will happen and I’ll end up an unsuccessful writer or director that’ll end up jumping off a bridge because he spent so much of his life chasing illusions. I get anxiety about the past and I end up getting extremely frustrated and I lash out. I get anxiety about being emotionally withdrawn and how it’ll make me a shell of a human. I get anxiety about financial aid because money makes the world go round and if I don’t have enough I’ll be hungry for a really long time and without a proper education to make me a successful person. I get anxiety when two dogs meet for the first time. I get anxiety at work. I get anxiety when I don’t know what to say because it makes me look boring. I get anxiety about popping molly.

26. My Bad Habits:

I don’t listen as well as I should. I bite my finger nails sometimes. I do things without really knowing how to do them. And a bunch of other things. I bite off more than I can chew.

37. My First Sexual Experience

Junior year (?) or Senior year in high school. My girlfriend-at-the-time’s friend’s mom’s house (jesus), sleep over, momentary intercourse, all while another person was in the bed sleeping beside us. Not precisely traditional.

Sep 28 @ 3:05 AM